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back at ya
coming out of your yin yang
yin yang
the whole nine yards
spin a yarn
a yawner
get on in years
getting on in years
golden years
on in years
sunset years
twilight years
yellow belly
wasn't born yesterday
coming out of your yin yang
yin yang
local yokel
yonder over there
don't know whether you're coming or going
I smell where you're stepping
if you're born to hang, you won't drown
if you're not with us you're against us
quit while you're ahead
smell where you're stepping
till you're blue in the face
time flies when you're having fun
until you're blue...
you're full of it [B]
you're kidding
you're not kidding/ you aren't kidding
you're on
you're only as good as your last shift
give it all you've got
take you for all you've got
you've got to be kidding
young at heart
a feather in your cap
a penny for your thoughts
a run for your money
all your eggs in one basket
an ace up your sleeve
another nail in your coffin
as plain as the nose on your face
at your beck and call
at your fingertips
back on your feet
ball's in your court
bang for your buck
bare your soul
beat your head against a stone wall
beat your time
beg your pardon
behind your back
bend your ear
bend your elbow
bite your tongue
blow it out your ear
blow your lid/stack/top
blow your mind
blow your stones [B]
blow your wad
Bob's your uncle
boggle your mind
break your fall
break your heart
burn a hole in your pocket
burn your ass [B]
burn your bridges
button your lip
by the seat of your pants
carry your weight
cast your vote
cat got your tongue
catch your death
catch your eye
change your mind
change your tune
check your bags
clean up your act
clean up your plate
clear your head/mind
come down off your high horse
come into your own
coming out of your yin yang
cook your goose
cool your heels
count your chickens before they hatch
cover your ass [B]
cramp your style
cross your fingers
cry in your beer
cry your eyes out
curl your hair
cut off your nose to spite your face
cut your own throat
dampen your spirits
Dear Dad, No mon, no fun, your son! Dear Son, So sad, too bad, your dad!
dig your own grave
do your own thing
do your part
do your utmost
don't count your chickens before they hatch
don't give me any of your lip
don't hold your breath
don't know which side your bread is buttered on
don't know your ass from a hole in the ground [B]
don't push your luck
don't put all your eggs in one basket
don't teach your grandmother how to suck eggs
drag your feet
drop your drawers
drop your gloves (hockey)
drown your sorrow
eat out of the palm of your hand
eat your fill
eat your heart out
eat your words
expand your horizons
fall on your sword
feast your eyes on
feather in your cap
feather your nest
fill your face
find your voice
find your way
fix your wagon
flap your gums
Fletcherize your food
flip your lid
float your boat
fly by the seat of your...
forget your manners
get in your hair
get it off your chest
get off your high horse
get off your soap box
get on your horse
get out of your hair
get your act together
get your attention
get your back up
get your buns over here
get your dander up
get your ears pinned back
get your feet wet
get your goat
get your head out of the clouds
get your head together
get your hopes up
get your jollies
get your kicks
get your knuckles rapped
get your mind around
get your shirt in a knot/ get your shit in a knot [B]
get your shit together [B]
get your tits in a wringer
get your way
get your wires crossed
get yours
give it your best shot
give you a run for your money
give your best
give your word
go out of your mind
go out of your way
go tell your mother she wants you
go to your head
got rocks in your head
got your number
hang your hat
has the cat got your...
have a hitch in your getalong
have it your way
have your cake and eat it, too
have your period [B]
hedge your bets
here's mud in your eye
hit me with your best shot
hitch in your getalong
hold your drinks
hold your hand
hold your horses
hold your mouth the right way
hold your nose
hold your own
hold your temper
hold your tongue
hot on your heels
how you hold your...
in over your head
in your bad books
in your corner
in your face
in your hair
in your mind's eye
in your prime
it has your name on it
it's as plain as the nose on your face
it's your move
it's your turn
jog your memory
jump out of your skin
keep your cool
keep your distance
keep your ear to the ground
keep your eyes peeled
keep your fingers crossed
keep your hair on
keep your head
keep your head above water
keep your nose clean
keep your nose to the grindstone
keep your shirt on
keep your word
kick up your heels
knock your socks off
know like the back of your hand
know which side your bread is buttered on
know your stuff
know your way around
land on your feet
laugh up your sleeve
laugh your head off
lay down your arms
lay down your life for
learn your place
let it go to your head
lick your wounds
look down your nose at
look over your shoulder
lose your appetite
lose your cool
lose your head
lose your marbles
lose your mind
lose your shirt
lose your temper
lose your tongue
lose your touch
make up your mind
make your bum hum
make your hair stand on end
make your head spin
make your mark
make your mouth water
make your way
melt in your mouth
mind your manners
mind your own business
mind your P's and Q's
miss your chance
move your ass
nail in your coffin
none of your lip
not on your life
not on your tintype
off your high horse
off your rocker
on the edge of your seat
on your ass [B]
on your deathbed
on your guard
on your own
on your side
on your toes
on your way
out of your gourd
out of your mind
out of your tree
paddle your own canoe
pay your dues
pay your way
penny for your thoughts
piano tied to your ass [B]
pick your brains
pin your hopes on
piss your pants [B]
plain as the nose on your face
pop your buttons
pour out your soul
pull in your horns
pull the wool over your eyes
pull up your socks
pull your chain
pull your leg
pull your weight
pull your wire [B]
punch your lights out
push your luck
put all your eggs in...
put you off your game
put your best foot forward
put your foot in it
put your foot in your mouth
put your heart into it
put your mind to it
put your money where your mouth is
put your shoulder to the wheel
raise your hand against
raise your spirits
ram down your throat
rap your knuckles
realize your potential
rest on your laurels
rocks in your head
ruffle your feathers
run for your money
save your bacon
save your skin/neck
say what's on your mind
say your piece
scratch your head
see you/see your
see your way
set your mind at ease
set your price
set your sights
set your teeth on edge
sharpen your pencils
shoot your mouth off
shoot your wad
show your stuff
shut your face
slip your mind
so small you had to back out to change your mind
soften your stance
speak your mind
spill your guts
spin your wheels
steal your heart
steal your thunder
step on your dick
stick it up your ass [B]
stick to your guns
stop you in your tracks
strike out on your own
strike your fancy
stroke your ego
swallow your pride
sweep you off your feet
take a load off your feet
take leave of your senses
take your lumps
take your pick
take your pulse
take your seat
take your time
take your sweet time
take your turn
take your word for it
talk through your hat
talk your ear off
talk your head off
test your metal
thank your lucky stars
the ball's in your court
the way you hold your mouth
the world is your oyster
throw down your arms
throw your weight around
tied to your mother's apron strings
time on your hands
tip your hand
toot your own horn
try your darndest
try your hand at
try your luck
turn up your nose at
turn your back on
turn your crank
turn your stomach
twist your words
under your thumb
up your alley
up your sleeve
up yours [B]
wash your hands of it
watch your every move
watch your language
watch your P's and Q's
watch your step
way you hold your...
wear out your welcome
wear your heart on your sleeve
wet your whistle
whatever floats your boat
what's your beef
what's your poison
whet your appetite
whup your ass
wipe that smile off your face
woof your cookies
work your ass off [B]
work your buns off
world is your oyster
wrap your mind around
written all over your face
you bet your boots
you can bet your bottom dollar
you can thank your lucky stars
you're only as good as your last shift
your goose is cooked
your lip
your number is up
your own worst enemy
your turn
yours truly
back yourself into a corner
be yourself
did yourself proud
dig yourself in
do yourself proud
fend for yourself
find yourself
get a grip on yourself
help yourself
keep it to yourself
keep to yourself
laugh yourself sick
laugh yourself silly
leave yourself open
let yourself go
make a life for yourself
make a name for yourself
make something of yourself
make yourself at home
make yourself scarce
make yourself to home
outdo yourself
pick yourself up
pull yourself together
put yourself out
put yourself through college
sell yourself short
shoot yourself in the foot
smelling yourself
suit yourself
throw yourself at him
turn yourself in
see you/see your

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