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My Favorite Husband : 'The Wills'
My Favorite Husband is the name of an American radio program. The original radio show, co-starring Lucille Ball, was the initial basis for what evolved into the groundbreaking TV sitcom I Love Lucy
In this episode, after Liz and George Cooper make out their wills, Liz is convinced that George intends to do away with her.

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  The Mercury Theater : 'The Man Who Was Thursday'
G.K. Chesterton's classic tale; often considered a metaphysical thriller as well as a detective story.
  Columbia Workshop : 'R.U.R.'
R.U.R. is a 1920 science fiction play that introduced the word "robot" to the English language.
  Columbia Workshop : ''Odyssey of Runyon Jones'
A nine-year old boy travels the universe, seeking his dead dog who has been sent to "Curgatory."
  Four Star Playhouse: 'The Incredible Annalee' -
A movie starlet tries to make up with energy for her what she sees as her lack of beauty.
  The Big Story: 'Manhunt in Manhattan' -
Another in the thrilling series based on true experiences of newspaper reporters.
  Dragnet: 'The Big Bounce' -
The story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
  Lux Radio Theater: 'Les Miserables'
Hideous things come out of the darkness to prowl the tortured earth. Dare you listen?
  Lights Out: 'Death Robbery'
Hideous things come out of the darkness to prowl the tortured earth. Dare you listen?
  Inner Sanctum Mysteries: 'Death of a Doll'
This is the story of Willie Harper and the devil. Willie has a gun in his pocket and the devil is waiting.
  Hollywood Star Playhouse : 'The Tenth Planet'
They know our weakness and strength. And they will conquer and rule the Earth. It is only a matter of time.
  Dragnet: 'The Big Filth'
Joe Friday and a policewoman find children living in squalid conditions and search for their mother.
  The Adventures of Philip Marlowe : 'Red Wind'
A radio series featuring Raymond Chandler's private eye, Philip Marlowe. "Anything can happen..."
  Miracle on 34th Street
A nice old man claims to be Santa Claus, and a little girl discovers dreams do come true if you really believe.
  The Big Town: 'Occupied Paris'
An adventures of Steve Wilson, the crusading editor, hot from the fires of WWII in Lisbon, Portugal, Paris.
  The King's Coiner
'The True Story of Isaac Newton, Detective'. Newton pursues London's most notorious counterfeiter.
  '8' The Play
George Clooney and Brad Pitt in an all-star cast in a powerful portrait of an American civil rights struggle.
  The African Queen
A great drama and romance in Africa during World War I. Discover and enjoy this wonderful adventure!
  Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's words are still entirely alive -- and his person is preserved in this fine and very famous play.
  Jane Eyre
Happiness seems to have found Jane at last, but could a terrible secret destroy it forever? "
  The Apple Tree
"A tragic love story by John Galsworthy, one of the greatest authors of English literature.
  A Christmas Carol
'A Christmas Carol' is quite possibly the most often told holiday story in the English-speaking world.

  Around the World in 80 Days
In 1872, an eccentric Englishman makes a bet with his friends to travel around the world in eighty days.
  The War of The Worlds
What happens when a army from the planet Mars invades the United States? Listen and find out!
One of the most chilling stories ever told - of the vampire known as Dracula!
  The Big Sisters
Sergeant Joe Friday and his partner, Frank Smith investigate a burglary of two elderly sisters.
  The Hitchhiker
A dark, eerie and suspenseful tale of a supernatural hitchhiker.
  You Can't Take It With You
An American classic: This Pulitzer Prize winning comedy celebrates non-conformity.
  The Third Man
The fractured Europe post-World War II is perfectly captured in this masterpiece thriller.
  The Thin Man
The The Thin Man presents us with America's favorite detective couple.
Two episodes with Sergeant Joe Friday and Frank Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.
"The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, gives us another edge of your seat thriller."
  Very Unimportant Person
A doomsday story about the day the a-bombs start to fall, and of a strange passenger on an airplane.
  The Pathetic Fallacy
Can a computer be constructed that is so complex as to duplicate the human brain?
  The Topaz Flower
A crime drama. Can you guess the who is the murderer before it is finally revealed?
American romantic drama set during World War II; a man torn between love and virtue.