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Notorious -
"The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, gives us another edge of your seat thriller. He combines, mystery,romance, and the evil's of Nazism in this chilling story.It takes place shortly after WWII. Alicia is a woman with a past. Her father has just been convicted of spying. American agent Devlin, enlists Alicia to infiltrate a Nazi spy ring.After her father's conviction, Alicia can prove her own patriotism by cooperating in this manner. She finds herself right in the thick of things and her own life in danger after she goes as far as to marry Alex, one of the very powerful, rich and dangerous ring leaders of the group. Alex is on to her and tries to methodically get rid of his beautiful wife.Can the handsome "Dev" rescue the woman he has come to love so much before tragedy strikes?"
This radio drama includes the original introduction and advertisements. Each part is about 15 to 18 minutes long, depending on the listening speed you choose.

PART 1       PART 2       PART 3       PART 4