Reading Comprehension and Test Preparation
These interactive activities will help you read and understand English
and prepare for reading exams

          There are 5 Types of Exercises:
1) “Signs” – you are shown 5 signs, one at a time and asked to choose the meaning. 2) “Details” – you are asked 10 true/false questions to see if you understand specific, detailed information from a reading. 3) “Matching” – you read descriptions of 5 different people and then try to match them to a thing or situation that is best for them.
4) “Gist” – you are asked questions to see if you have a generalized understanding of a reading. 5) “Gap” – you are given a reading with missing words. From a list of words, you choose and type in missing words.  
          There are 19 Sets. A 'Set' Has One Example of Each Type of Exercise. Click on a Number >




Exercise Sets are adapted from material in Cambridge Practice Test for PET by Louise Hashemi and Barabara Thomas, Cambridge University Press, 1999; PET Practice Tests 1 by Diana Fried-Booth and Louise Hashemi, Cambridge University Press, 1988; PET Practice Tests 2 by Diana Fried-Booth and Louise Hashemi, Cambridge University Press, 1991; and Cambridge Preliminary English Test 2 - Examination papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Cambridge University Press, 1997. Exercises were created using Hot Potatoes by Half-Baked Software. Skip is wholly responsible for this site and has all the credit or all the blame as the case may be. You can email Skip at -