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The Thin Man - Radio Drama for ESL English Listening

The Thin Man -
"The intoxicating chemistry and repartee between William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles--America's favorite detective couple--is fully 100-proof in the marvelously witty Thin Man. You simply won't find more delightful company than Nick and Nora. The title, of course, refers not to Nicky the detective, but to the mysteriously missing scientist he and his lovely partner set out to find. Powell and Loy deliver their sparkling dialog with giddy enthusiasm (and occasionally slurred speech) in this suspense comedy."

"THE THIN MAN is a in so many ways that it is difficult to over-estimate either its impact or its brilliance. Based on the popular novel by Dashiell Hammet, the The Thin Man presents us with a completely egalitarian husband and wife--extremely controversial in the 1930s, and even today still sets the standard for witty comedies in which couples engage in clever verbal sparring."

The Thin Man